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The fofografische Pataphysika manifesto

Light, Life, Passion..........

The Fofografen has one together: The dear to the light and picture, everyone on its wise.

DiEr FofografIn

With the participation to the Fofografie begins for DiEr

FofografIn a new time or era. Days become longer, the sun begins to radiate more intensively and delivers at each season

more warmth. The FofografIn has more momentum, the adrenalin pulsated in the body and it pushes it formally. By the Fofografie the feelings in freely run become law. This new departure tendency symbolized like the keimlinge of the

Fofografie strong out-push. DiEr FofografIn lives after his slogan I does not want to not have I

wants to be. Equipped with pure civil courage, It preaches for its aims, I love myself, I love the other one, I am loved. Tardiness is very important for the FofografIn, since diEr FofografIn first thinks and then fofografiert. Whether the man or woman, diEr FofografIn is a Sprinter and has perseverance. It waits, until somewhat develops. But whom first tries fails, does not give defied up. It gets deeply air and sets to the next approach. FofografIn are active humans them are Macher, love nature the mentalness and sociability. One finds it there, where is somewhat the matter or not: in popular and unpopular taverns on concerts on the road in he

streetcar evenly where something adventurous promised or the total is

desert. The first contact comes off fast or also not. Whom diEr FofografIn a goal with open provocative view erspaeht, entangles it it completely imperceptibly and naturally into an

energizing discussion. Possible restraint is reasonablly played. Spade after third fourth Treff, it examines with ambiguous words of the "readiness", whereby a skillful schlagfertigkeit already to the true play become

can. To catch a Fofograf man, is particularly easy, if you its assistance need. It is immediately to the place, because it is gladly the Beschuetzer. However they "will catch" Mrs. Fofografin probably hardly. If it seems cool and uninterested, it made long its choice. Nevertheless it must "prove itself", because love is not for it a play or a play is, to have grown must. DiEr FofografIn, thinks always positively and always is with new future visions, and plans employs. SiEr always is with the feet at soil, and reality consciously although the head into the clouds is.

Fofografie is not anything, Fofografie is Fofografie.

The equipment:

The Fofograf the Fofometer and all mad

Equipments the Fofografen design.

A simple or complex apparatus (camera obsura after "Magia Naturalis of

Giovanbattista della Porta") is, Mark self-'s building or each commercial Camera, from today, of the future or of last millenium. Each FofografIn knows the technical detail its Camera to nearly in

small detail or it ignores it. DiEr FofografIn denkt(je after as firm or as softly print, to pull is) before it releases a picture with the trip. It relies also on its intuition and to its knowledge the fofografie

and the used Fofograf. Fofografie is to be converted the new kind ideas in Fotogrammen. DiEr a FofografInen always very few picture fofografiert and not

materials to waste or simply data media not fill.

The Fofometer

An instrument is for the measurement of the light for the Fofografie


For the fofografie no rule gives everyone is a FofografIn.

Over FofografenIn to be does not need a special knowledge of

techniques or of practices. There are neither good or bad FofografIn. There are only FofografenInnen in stretches white to black, everything rainbow-coloredly in the color photography, or all electromagnetic wave from 0 heart to infinitely heart or to

handy heart. The light is always good-natured to us, thus the FofografIn thinks, the light is life.

Fofografie is pataphysic's

pataphysic's fofografie is't





Ciro Parlato in Delirium Zurich 2003-4